Meena Bharti
Meena Bharti

Vice President

Meena Bharti is an avid traveler who enjoys outdoors. She loves meeting new people and fostering connections. She works at 3M in Credit risk group in finance. As a major advocate of Diversity and inclusion, she is part of 3M finance D&I board and also involved in 3M WLF leading External Connections group.

She has been living in twin cities from last 20 years with her two daughters and husband. She helps out on her daughter’s high school Robotics team as a treasurer. When she is not occupied with any of above mentioned activities, she likes to go hiking and listening to podcasts. There is no doubt that she is a big foodie who enjoys experimenting with new foods.

Mukund Kulkarni
Mukund Kulkarni


Mukund is a Sr IT Professional at Sovos Compliance. Mukund is from Raichur, Karnataka. He currently lives in Corcoran, MN with his wife Roopa Kulkarni and 2 Boys- Shresta Kulkarni and Sumeru Kulkarni . Mukund has been living in MN over 11 years.

Mukund loves traveling, hiking ,camping and very active runner. Mukund runs full andhalf Marathon every year. Mukund is also a head coach in Wayzata Basket Ball team (2-8 Year kids) and is part of Cultural committee in Sangeetha Kannada Koota.

Muthu Periakaruppan
Muthu Periakaruppan

Gen. Secretary

Tanwi Prigge
Tanwi Prigge


Dear friends,

Happy New Year! The 2023 session is underway, and we have hit the ground running with much enthusiasm and energy!

It’s an honor to represent you at the India Association of Minnesota. I have been a US resident since I was 19 and a Minnesota resident for the last 18 years. My husband, Jason is from Minnesota and my 13-year-old daughter Raina, an avid Vikings fan, claims Minnesota is the best state in the country. The IAM Minnesota-Indian community has shown me love and filled the void of connection that I felt after leaving my country at a young age. I have met some of the most incredible people through this organization. It is a unique organization with amazing leaders that represent the community with tremendous pride. I am grateful and excited for the opportunity to continue the impactful work in this special year of IAM’s 50th anniversary!

We have a diverse group of board members this year that are ready to dive in and work for the Indian and the greater Minnesota community. The new board represents members from first and second-generation Indians, from various regions of India, students, entrepreneurs, professionals, homemakers, and community leaders.

After the Covid hiatus, most of us are ready to celebrate the community and one another in a grand scale and IAM’s 50th milestone anniversary is the perfect opportunity to do so by sharing its history and accomplishments and declaring a vision for the future. Simply put, we will have fun this year!

We will also engage in a robust membership drive this year because I believe in strength in numbers. Membership shows support for the community and sustainability of IAM that serves as an umbrella organization. IAM coordinates activities of its partner organizations to promote a common goal. We will create exciting opportunities for our members and partners. The board is also excited to fundraise and work with various current, past and new corporate and business sponsors and individual donors.

My hope will be to continue to educate Minnesotans about the IAM pillars of Culture, Charity, Country and Connections and give Indian Minnesotans a sense of community away from home and family in India. IAM strives to make Minnesota a welcoming home for them. I, with the help of the board, hope to organize meaningful and impactful events that create a knowledgeable fellowship that is inclusive and involves people from other diverse communities. I hope to engage the youth, and pave the way for a new generation of leaders, donors, and philanthropists, I aspire to give way to new ideas and ways of doing things while keeping the precious legacy and invaluable connections we have built over the years. This board will also serve to create open-hearted space and acceptance for the underserved, the marginalized, and the unfamiliar.

Stay in touch and reach out with any input for positive change. I hope you are as excited for 2023 as I am.

With gratitude and humility,