Outreach - Partners


The IAM Outreach Committee was established to bring together the Minnesota Indian American community and to educate and bring cross awareness  of Indian and American culture and habits and in the process foster social integration.  The Outreach committee remains focused on many different aspects of community improvement, along with building connections and fostering long term connections and partnerships that advance the mission and values of IAM.


  1. Connect with regional organizations on a regular basis and designate a dedicated team member as point of contact to integrate the organizations as part of the broader Outreach team.  

  2. Extend reach to members outside the Twin cities and provide opportunities for participation and integration with the broader Minnesota communities.

  3. Create and maintain a Community Calendar to showcase and highlight partner events and provide a base for greater community reach. 

  4. Collaborate with partner organizations for upcoming events from planning through execution.

  5. Gather feedback from partner communities and work together to educate and community members and the youth about Indian culture