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Help IAM to serve its mission of Culture, Charity and Connections.

Organize the major yearly events: Connect India, Connect Asia, Festival of Nations (spring); Flinthills International Children's Festival, and IndiaFest (summer)

By volunteering, one can

  • Have opportunities to represent the culture and heritage of India within this community
  • Serve as the focal point for advancing the educational, cultural, and charitable interests of the community
  • Build Indian community as a whole, unite Indian communities in Minnesota
  • Link and support various Indian ethnic groups
  • Establish strong relationships with other Asia-Pacific organizations
  • Maintain relationships with organizations of similar interests in other parts of USA
  • Sponsor and conduct community service activities in Minnesota
  • Work towards establishing an Indian Center in Minnesota
  • Encourage and support the activities of sister organizations promoting youth education, women issues, and the interests of the elderly (such as SILC, AIWA)
  • IAM Student Fellowship Progarm
  • Build a sense of identity and community among people who are of Indian origin or who have interests in India
  • Promote Indian businesses in Minnesota and help American Companies to set up business in India
  • Build partnership with non-profit organizations such as TIE and charitable organizations like VIBHA.